Rent Your Soul for $20 a Week


Well it’s actually $10 for you and another $10 for the charity of your choice, but it still totals $20. So please visit today and get some ROI¬†on your most underutilized asset. ¬†Especially if you’re in Marketing.

If you’ve ever been tempted to trade your soul for fame, fortune, or other significant gains, you’re in good company: Homer and Bart Simpson, Dr. Faustus, Charlie Daniels’ violin-wielding “Johnny,” and any number of blues players have risked perdition with the Prince of Darkness. One CNET staffer claims to have sold her soul in exchange for her almost supernatural Guitar Hero skillz.

Instead of skirting the fiery pit of eternal damnation, why not simply lease your soul for a good cause? It only takes a few minutes to post a photo of yourself, and if Ayotte displays it on the home page, you’re soul-free for a week and 10 dollars richer afterward. No, you can’t have hordes of dancing girls and wealth beyond your wildest dreams in exchange. But you can have the satisfaction of a deed well done for the good of others.

What’s the risk? It’s an asset almost all of us possess, and chances are, you’re not using yours anyway.

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