How to Manipulate Wikipedia for Fun and Profit

from Here’s a consultant’s online advice page for how to manipulate Wikipedia to keep people from seeing damaging information about your company: Anyone can make changes [in Wikipedia], and there is little you can do to keep the public from adding, expanding and telling your story, their way. While you can’t make it disappear, … Read more

Back from Oz

Well I am back from the Land of Oz with things wondrous both great and small. Bonnaroo was definitely a Disneyland of sights and sounds in more ways than one. It will be weeks before I get all of the Manchester dust out of my clothes and hair but it was well worth it. It … Read more

Headin to Bonnaroo!

I thought that the most appropriate moment to begin the world of blogging would be to record my impressions of the one and only Bonnaroo Music Festival. I’m headin’ down to the ‘Roo with fellow lunatics Dom Giordano and Geoff Deichert hauling a borrowed camper for the 3 of us. This should be an interesting … Read more