The Captivating Hang (Drum)

I recently scored some cheap season passes to Dollywood (thanks mum!) and visited last week during Spring Break which happened to be the week the Festival of Nations. While we were there I was impressed by some beautiful music from Peru, Ecuador and Scotland, but was deeply moved by a new instrument I had never heard before called the Hang (Drum). I was truly captivating by the sonic complexities and ethereal sounds of this wonderful new instrument and will be posting more examples of music that features the Hang as I discover new music and artists using the Hang. Here is a wonderful example I came across.

Lina (Hang Drum)

Ugress – Not bad, ok great. Check it Out

Ugress - Shizophonica Check out Ugress. They have several albums and ep’s available for purchase or download. I highly recommend Decepticons, Redrum (Featuring Christine Litle), and Makina FifthEinhorn22 is also quite spectacular and was released in celebration of a funky Norweigan space, science and puppets show for kids called Kometkameratene. Now why don’t we have anything cool like this for Jello-brained American kids?