Got my Ghost On – Whoo Hoo!

NIN - Ghosts I-IVHot Damn,  I got my NIN Ghosts I-IV today in the mail. I thought these things weren’t going to ship until May so I’m stoked. Yeah. yeah I already have the MP3’s and I already love the album that I’ve been waiting years to hear. So maybe I’m just old school but there’s just nothing that beats the emotional high of tearing the shrinkwrap off your brand spanking new CD/Cassette/LP and manhandling the latest release from your favorite musical artist. I remember back in the day before downloading my favorite albums via Napster/Shareaza/Binary Newsgroups/Torrent it was such a crapshoot when you bgought the latest album. Yeah maybe you’ve heard the advance singles on the radio but you have no idea what’s going to happen with the rest of the album. So anyway, I hope the precedent set forth by Radiohead & NIN can prove to artists that they can release commercially successful records without going through the labels and without making music tailored for the radio, or what’s left of it anyway. I’m still not quite sure that HD-FM is going to save radio, all though everyone said FM would kill AM and AM Radio is still around, right? Just wait until everyone has wireless broadband in their vehicles. What will radio do then? I’m not sure but I’m loving my new 2 Disc Set. Thank you Trent !!

Beautiful Virii And Malware at RSA

Beautiful Malwarefrom

They’re frightening, yet strangely beautiful. They spread and infect and replicate and continually wreak havoc. While viruses and malware steal copious amounts of information and compromise an untold number of machines every day, these treacherous security threats are unseen to the naked eye. Until now.
Malware MyDoom For the first time ever, images have been developed that visualize a wide range of these pernicious, but hidden, threats. Researchers at MessageLabs, the vendor behind the project, disassembled malicious code from a variety of well-known threats to render it inoperative. The researchers then passed the code along to computational artist Alex Dragulescu, who applied specially built application to analyze the code and used its values to create a 3D entity. That entity was then transferred to modeling software, where it was positioned and lit to capture the aesthetics of the model. Dragulescu then used his artistic touch to prepare the final image for its presentation April 7 at the Varnish Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco.