Portion of Median Daily US Income Spent on Gasoline

from MountainSentinel.com At $4 per gallon, gasoline consumption will take 11% of daily income. It is expected that gasoline prices might rise above $6 per gallon by the end of summer. Such an increase would require 17% of daily income to meet gas needs. The percentage of income spent on gasoline climbs over 20% as … Read more

Bad News for Coal, Good News for US

It appears that the reign of Big Coal may be coming to an end. TreeHugger reports from a new EarthPolicy release regarding a timeline of events for the Coal Industry. This last entry is particular heartening. 11 March 2008 – Representatives Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA) introduce a bill that would block the … Read more

Defining Deviancy Down – Republican Style

Here’s another great article from TomPaine.com about how the Republican party has done a wonderful job of accusing the Liberal Democratic Party of destroying Family Values while the so-called “conservative” Republicans have done more to destroy the fabric of modern society than any other political party in history. I’m still convinced that the 2 Major … Read more