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Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange I like free online Money Transfer services. A lot. And I have found another one trying to gain users and willing to put $25 into your account in order to get you to sign up. So I did. And they also offer bonuses for referrals. So I signed up and have placed the shameless plug in the upper right hand corner of the site and another one here in this post. So if you’d like and extra $25 to spend online or transfer to someone else, take advantage and sign up now.

TreeHugger tips for spending your Tax Rebate wisely


It would not be the American way to suggest that you save it or pay down some debt, but if you are going to spend it, do it wisely. If you are going to do the right thing and blow it, do it right. Here are some of our suggestions.

1. Buy local: It is your patriotic duty to squeeze the most stimulus out of your dollar, and you do that by not shipping it overseas. Michael Shuman, in the Small-Mart Revolution explains how much better it is to spend your money in your local economy. In one study comparing two bookstores in Austin, Texas, economists found that $13 out of every $100 spent at Borders stayed in town, compared with $45 out of every $100 spent at the local bookshop.

2. Invest it in efficiency: Look at our series of posts on greening your house for winter—start with a programmable thermostat and keep going down the list until the money is gone. Trust us, you will get it all back within a year or two anyways in energy savings.

3. Buy a bike: Not a cheap one that will fall apart in weeks, but one that you can really have fun riding year round, so you can start using it instead of your car. That investment will pay for itself in weeks. Nervous? Don’t miss our posts on how to commute to work by bike and how to ride your bike all winter.

4. Buy some good books: Yes, we know that the library is the greenest way to read, but authors have to eat too, and we only suggest keepers. Start with selections from our series on how to build a green library.

George Parr explains the SubPrime Mortgage Crisis on The Last Laugh

Wow. The brits do it again. I agree with most of the crowd that the race card did not need to be pulled for this to have the same effect, but I’m willing to overlook this little dab of political incorrectness in what is otherwise a stab of streaming truth sent from heaven. Or from somewhere else depending on your sentiment. Financial Meltdown, here we come.

Rent Your Soul for $20 a Week


Well it’s actually $10 for you and another $10 for the charity of your choice, but it still totals $20. So please visit today and get some ROI on your most underutilized asset.  Especially if you’re in Marketing.

If you’ve ever been tempted to trade your soul for fame, fortune, or other significant gains, you’re in good company: Homer and Bart Simpson, Dr. Faustus, Charlie Daniels’ violin-wielding “Johnny,” and any number of blues players have risked perdition with the Prince of Darkness. One CNET staffer claims to have sold her soul in exchange for her almost supernatural Guitar Hero skillz.

Instead of skirting the fiery pit of eternal damnation, why not simply lease your soul for a good cause? It only takes a few minutes to post a photo of yourself, and if Ayotte displays it on the home page, you’re soul-free for a week and 10 dollars richer afterward. No, you can’t have hordes of dancing girls and wealth beyond your wildest dreams in exchange. But you can have the satisfaction of a deed well done for the good of others.

What’s the risk? It’s an asset almost all of us possess, and chances are, you’re not using yours anyway.

Free Subscription to Popular Science from is a great new Web 2.0 site that currently offers Free Subscriptions to Popular Science Magazine and a 50% discount on dwell Magazine in exchange for watching short (30 to 120 second) advertisements on their site. Some of the advertisements were actually funny () and others were quite interesting () so the return on time investment here is great. Highly Recommended, especially as AdPerks adds additional Magazine Subscriptions (and other premiums?) to their offering.