23/6 celebrates Easter: The Year in Resurrections

From the Pretty Damned Funny dept at 23/6

When we think of Easter, we think of hidden eggs, baby chick-shaped candy, and enormous human-sized rabbits breaking into our homes to leave gift baskets. However, there’s a lot more to this two thousand year-old religious holiday than pastel sweaters and toxic Easter egg dye. Why is this particular Sunday so important that millions of pseudo-Christians have chosen it as one of only two days each year they attend church services? Well, because it’s the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Yup, rose from the dead. And no, he wasn’t a zombie. Though that would have been awesome. So, In honor of Jesus’ amazing, literally death-defying feat, 23/6 takes a look back at all the other long-dead things that have miraculously managed to come back to life in the twelve months since last Easter in The Year in Resurrections.