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TrinahShe’s great. I love There are all kinds of cool artists making great music over there such as Trinah, Pretty Lights, Amylie, and the highly recommended Una Mas Trio. Oh wait, I almost forgot the not to be missed Sonar Kollectiv Orchester. Did I mention that I highly recommend this site? It has a great Yahoo Music Player from the YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Library that makes listening to the music reviewed on the site a breeze. Also don’t miss the Aurgasm mix on Mixtape.

Google Unleashes Web Services: Google App Engine

Google App EngineGoogle unleashed their Amazon Web Services killer today called Google App Engine. Right now the development kit is limited to Python (and the Django Web Framework built on Python), the Google BigTable database and the GFS file services but this will undoubtedly change the game for Amazon Web Services and the paid providers that have been built around managing AWS. Here are more details from the announcement on

Google isn’t just talking about hosting applications in the cloud any more. {Google is} launching Google App Engine, an ambitious new project that offers a full-stack, hosted, automatically scalable web application platform. It consists of Python application servers, BigTable database access (anticipated here and here) and GFS data store services.

At first blush this is a full on competitor to the suite of web services offered by Amazon, including S3 (storage), EC2 (virtual servers) and SimpleDB (database).

Unlike Amazon Web Services’ loosely coupled architecture, which consists of several essentially independent services that can optionally be tied together by developers, Google’s architecture is more unified but less flexible. For example, it is possible with Amazon to use their storage service S3 independently of any other services, while with Google using their BigTable service will require writing and deploying a Python script to their app servers, one that creates a web-accessible interface to BigTable.

What this all means: Google App Engine is designed for developers who want to run their entire application stack, soup to nuts, on Google resources. Amazon, by contrast, offers more of an a la carte offering with which developers can pick and choose what resources they want to use.

Google Product Manager Tom Stocky described the new service to me in an interview today. Developers simply upload their Python code to Google, launch the application, and can monitor usage and other metrics via a multi-platform desktop application.

NIN Instrumental Album available NOW

NIN - Ghosts I-IV

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