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13 Disasters for Production Websites and Solutions


This would be better titled “13 disasters for production web sites and their PREVENTIONS” since all of the Solutions presented are preventive measures, but these are still wonderful insights for anyone trying to develop a stable, global, expandible web application. Here is an excerpt.

Choosing the right hosting provider

Our experience with several bad hosting companies gave us valuable lessons on choosing the right hosting company. We started with very cheap hosting providers and gradually went to one of the most expensive hosting providers in USA – Rackspace. Rackspace is insane when it comes to cost and good service quality. Their technicians are very well trained and their Managed Hosting plan offers onsite Sys Admin and DBA to take care of your servers and database. They can solve SQL Server 2005 issues as well as IIS related problems that we frequently had to solve ourselves. So, when you choose a hosting provider, make sure they have Windows 2003 and IIS 6.0 experts as well as SQL Server 2005 experts. While running production systems, there’s always probability that you will fall into trouble which is beyond your capability. Having onsite skilled technicians is the only way for you to survive such disasters.

I have built a check list for choosing the right hosting provider from my experience: